Delivery Policy

Quicksent Fullfillment / Delivery Policy

(1) Delivery Time

An estimated delivery time will be provided to you upon your confirmation on orders but actual delivery times shall contingent on factors that are not controlled by us for example multiple orders from different merchants by one account, traffic conditions, peak hour periods, distance of delivery, weather conditions, and etc. It is important for you to understand that estimated delivery time provided to you may arrive earlier or later. Please be sure that there is someone or you yourself will be at the delivery address provided to us upon placement of orders. Changes of delivery address is not permitted after confirmation of order. Quicksent reserves the right not to deliver your order to you, if your order contains Alcohol or Tobacco while you yourself or the recipient is appear to be under the legal age.

(2) Failed Deliveries

When Quicksent rider attempt to delivery your order but the said rider is unable to complete the delivery due to reasons by you, inclusive of but not limited to (a) Invalid address provided including inappropriate area, postcode, house number, road number and so on (b) uncontactable phone number (c) no one is available at delivery address to receive order (d) no suitable place or environment to leave the foods/goods (d) failed to provide full payment of COD order.

Quicksent reserves the right to cancel the order without refund or remedy to you if you remain no show or uncontactable and failed to receive the order in within 10 minutes from the time the rider arrives at your delivery address.

(3) Invalid Order (missing items, wrong order, defective foods/goods)

If you receiving your order and found out that there are issues with your order such as missing item, wrong order or defective foods or goods and etc, kindly contact with customer support as published at Quicksent Food Delivery - HQ as soon as possible. Quicksent may have the right to request from you photographic as proof or any other information for further investigation regarding the faulty. As soon as Quicksent determine that the foods/goods of your order does not meet up to the satisfactory condition, we will refund you whole/part of your orders in within 14 working days.